Fall 2016 Workshop Schedule

Wednesday, August 31 | 3:30 pm CNH Rm. 401
Composition Workshop
New Handbook 101
Kevin Roozen

This workshop points faculty toward specific features of the UCF Writes handbook that have proven useful for helping undergraduates explore and understand the work that writing, rhetoric, language, and literacy do in the world.

Tuesday, September 6 |11:00 am CNH Rm. 306-E
Graduate Student Workshop
Critical Reading
Natasha Jones & Stephanie Wheeler
This workshop is an overview of basic strategies for effective reading in graduate school. We will touch on ways to help you improve your reading environment/schedule, develop methods for assessing and reading material quickly, create practices for note-taking, and tools to help you tailor these strategies to fit your particular needs.

Thursday, September 15 |4:30 pm CNH Rm. 306-E
Emergency Procedures Training
UCF Emergency Management
This training will outline our department plans for several emergencies, including an active shooter situation.
*Faculty who attend this training will receive service credit on their end-of-year faculty annual evaluation.*

Wednesday, September 21 | 3:30 CNH Rm. 401
Upper-Division Workshop
Connections Beyond Courses: E-Portfolios in Writing and Rhetoric Major
Laurie Pinkert
This workshop will familiarize faculty with the current e-portfolio requirements for DWR Majors and offer strategies for connecting upper division course assignments to the e-portfolio. Although students can sometimes view e-portfolios as merely an exit requirement, we’ll work toward engaging the e-portfolio in ways that can help students see connections among and beyond our courses.

Wednesday, October 12 | 4:30 CNH Rm. 401
Graduate Student and Faculty Workshop
Thesis 101
Martha Brenckle
Writing a thesis is one further step towards obtaining your graduate degree or marking your entrance to an academic life. As with many parts of your education, writing a thesis is perceived as the finale to a period of intellectual struggle. Rather than increase your anxiety, this workshop is designed to share best practices with students and faculty and explain the process from the point of view of the college and the department.

Wednesday, October 19 | 3:30 CNH Rm. 401
Composition Workshop
Meeting GAA Student Needs
Nichole Stack & Megan Lambert
Developed for anyone interested in learning about the multilingual students UCF recruits from across the globe into its Global Achievement Academy (GAA), this workshop provides information about the courses these students take during their first three semesters in the program and the abilities and experiences they bring to their ENC 1101 and ENC 1102 courses. The workshop will also introduce participants to a repository of resources for addressing the needs of GAA students.

Wednesday, November 16 | 3:30 CNH Rm. 401
Faculty Workshop
Promotion Strategy Development
Stephanie Vie
This workshop will feature a panel of recently promoted instructors, lecturers, associate professors, and full professors who will share their experiences with the promotion and/or tenure system at UCF. Participants can also sign up for working groups for those wanting to apply for promotion and/or tenure in 2017-18 at this workshop.

Graduate Student Workshop
Research with Social Media



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