Faculty Achievements

Please join the rest of the DWR Faculty in congratulating the recent achievements by our colleagues!

Amy Barnickel

  • Selected as a new reader for The Playwrights Roundtable
  • A Note from Amy: “We read plays that are submitted in response to a call, and then this organization produces and directs the top seven plays at a local venue (usually at Orlando Shakes facilities) in the spring and summer.”

Marcy Galbreath

  • Publication:“Sponsors of Agricultural Literacies: Intersections of Institutional and Local Knowledge in a Farming Community.” Community Literacy Journal 10.1 Special Issue, Community Food Literacies. Forthcoming Fall 2015.
  • Presentation:“Reading Rhetorical Artifacts in Florida History: Researching an Agricultural Community with Everyday Genres.” The Florida Community. 2015 Florida College English Association Conference. Tampa, FL. October 2015.

Barbara Kyle

  • Presentation: “Writing for Publication in English as a Second Language: Working in Shanghai with Engineering Graduate Students.” Florida College English Association 2015 Conference. St. Petersburg, Florida, October 8, 2015.

Scott Launier

  • Accepted Conference Presentation: “In Memory of Adam Moser: The Everyday Rhetorics of Roadside Memorials” has been accepted for presentation at the 2016 Rhetoric Society of America Conference.
  • Joined the UCF Police Chief’s Advisory Committee
  • Appointment: Delegate to the Florida AFL-CIO, and Central Florida Labor Council.

Laurie Pinkert

  • Invited Scholar:I was an invited scholar The Team Science Summit at Arizona State University in October 2015 during which the 16 participants from a range of disciplines and institutions offered feedback on the recent National Academies Report: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Team Science, discussed the current state of Team Science, and targeted key areas for future research in this developing field.
  • Invited FacilitatorIn November, I will faciltate the Written Communication Core Competency Session at the WASC-Senior College and University Commission’s “The Big Five: Addressing Core Competencies” workshop in Pomona, CA. 

Kevin Roozen

  • Publication: Roozen, Kevin, Rebecca Woodard, Sonia Kline, and Paul Prior. “The Transformative Potential of of Laminating Trajectories: Three Teachers’ Developing Pedagogical Practices.” Working with Academic Literacies: Case Studies Towards Transformative Practice. Ed. Theresa Lillis, Kathy Harrington, Mary Lea, and Sally Mitchell. Fort Collins, CO: The WAC Clearinghouse. 2015. 205-215.

Blake Scott

  • Publication: “Disciplinary Rhetorics, Sexualized Bodies, and Truvada.” Sexual Rhetorics. Eds. Jonathan Alexander and Jacqueline Rhodes. New York: Routledge, forthcoming.
  • Publication: “Defining and Developing Expertise in a Writing and Rhetoric Department.” With Elizabeth Wardle. WPA Journal, forthcoming.
  • Featured Speaker and Colloquium Leader at UTEP Department of English Fall Symposium on Transnational Rhetorics (Nov. 1-3)
  • Co-Lead of Transfer Engagement Action Team in Foundations of Excellence Implementation Plan
  • Member of Quality Enhancement Program Advisory Board

Mary Tripp

  • Presentation: “Writing Tutors, Research Coaches:  How Do We Negotiate Our Roles?” with  Garrett Arban, Emily Proulx, and Somaily Nieves. International Writing Centers Association 2015

Stephanie Vie

  • NEH summer stipend application was chosen by the university (1 of 2 put forward) for my manuscript project Literate Acts in Social Media
  • Interviewed about the Facebook rainbow profile pictures by German television station ZDF
  • Interviewed about multimodal editing and the work I do with Computers and Composition Digital Press by The Scholar Electric blog
  • Publication: Fanfarelli, Joseph, and Stephanie Vie. “Medulla: A 2D Sidescrolling Platformer Game that Teaches Basic Brain Structure and Function.” Well Played 4.2 (2015): 7-29. Print.
  • Publication: Dieterle, Brandy, and Stephanie Vie. “Digital First-Year Composition: Integrating Multimodality into a Writing about Writing Approach.” Journal of Global Literacies, Technologies, and Emerging Pedagogies 3.1 (July 2015). Web.
  • Publication: deWinter, Jennifer, and Stephanie Vie. “Sparklegate: Gamification, Academic Gravitas, and the Infantalization of Play.” Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy 20.1 (2015). Web.
  • Publication: Vie, Stephanie. “What’s Going On: Challenges and Opportunities for Social Media Use in the Writing Classroom.” The Journal of Faculty Development 29.2 (2015): 33-44. Print.
  • Publication: Lambert, Megan, and Stephanie Vie. “The Role of Micro-Blogging in Responding to Corporate Controversy.” Maximizing Commerce and Marketing Strategies through Micro-Blogging. Eds. Janée N. Burkhalter and Natalie T. Wood. IGI-Global, 2015. 67-91. Print.
  • Publication: Fanfarelli, Joseph, Stephanie Vie, and Rudy McDaniel. “Understanding Digital Badges through Feedback, Reward, and Narrative: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Building Better Badges in Social Environments.” Communication Design Quarterly 3.3 (2015): 56-60. Print.
  • Invited to Present: “People Add Stress in My Games”: How Emotions in Socially Networked Games Drive Gameplay Decisions. Invited presentation. Feeling Games: A Symposium on the Intersection of Games and Emotions. Illinois Institute of Technology Department of Humanities. September 25, 2015
  • Presentation: Reporting on Research: An Update on the Status of Recent CPTSC Research Grants. Annual Conference of the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC). October 2, 2015

Elizabeth Wardle

  • Publication: Adler-Kassner, Linda and Elizabeth Wardle. Naming What We Know: Threshold Concepts of Writing Studies. Utah State University Press. July, 2015.
  • Invited Speaker: “Threshold Concepts about Writing: Teaching and Learning Troublesome Knowledge.” Brigham Young University. Salt Lake City. October 29, 2015.
  • Invited Speaker: “Threshold Concepts: Considering What We Know and How We Teach It.” Florida State University. Tallahassee. September 30, 2015.
  • Invited Speaker: “Imagining Research-Based Practices for Improving Student Writing.” New College. Sarasota. September 18, 2015.
  • Appointment: UCF Board of Trustees Strategic Planning Committee, member of the Philosophy Commission
  • Appointment: College of Arts and Humanities Dean Search Committee

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