The Knights Write Showcase Turns 5

KWS 2015_3From Adele Richardson —

It’s hard to believe so much time has gone by already, but this spring the Knights Write Showcase will be celebrating its 5th anniversary. Over the years, we’ve seen some fantastic student presentations—both poster and panel. And while reading these essays and watching student presentations, I’m always impressed at the levels our faculty operates in to get students to accomplish the things they do. After looking over the submissions that were chosen for January’s event, I can safely say that this may be our most impressive Showcase yet. So, thank you to all who submitted their students’ work.

We have great plans for this upcoming fifth anniversary. In addition to student and Stylus panels, we’re planning on bringing back a diverse faculty panel to discuss the importance of writing in their lives and fields. Last time we offered this panel, it was not only informative—to students and faculty—but interesting and a bit entertaining as well, and we expect no less this year.

KWS 2015_2If you have ever wondered about how you could become involved with the Showcase, I can tell you with certainty that we would be glad to have you join our team. There are two ways of equal importance. First and foremost, submit your students’ work. The opportunities afforded to students who are chosen include recognition at the Showcase and being published in a special issue of Stylus. Faculty members are recognized as doing exceptional work in their classrooms, and as an added benefit, they also have to opportunity to claim their chosen students on their yearly evaluations.

Second, if you’re interested in Service opportunities, we’re always looking for evaluators on the Essay Submissions Committee. These people are crucial to the success of the Showcase because they read through all the submissions and choose the essays that best represent the exceptional first-year writing students are producing in our department. If you’re interest in participating, please contact Scott Launier ( for more information.

All of us involved with the KWS encourage you and your students to plan on celebrating with us. The next Showcase will be held on Wednesday, January 28, 2015, in the Pegasus Ballroom, so please keep this date in mind as you plan your spring classes. We look forward to seeing you and your students there!


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